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Wedding Coordination Checklist

Marrying history with style!

We plan to offer all assistance to you both to take all the guesswork out of planning your wedding. To help, we've made a list of key items that we need to confirm throughout the planning process and the earlier we confirm these, the more organised you will be with less to think about in the last weeks leading up to the big day. All items on the list may not be applicable to your wedding.


Seating your guests 

... one of the toughest jobs in planning a wedding!

The guest table seating chart is used in the set-up of your wedding, as well as the meal service during the event. This information must be provided to your Event Coordinator four weeks prior to your event.


Once this chart has been completed and submitted, the information is considered finalised and will not change. The guest seating chart will show who is sitting on which table & at which seat.


Guests with any dietary requirement must have the dietary requirements marked next to their name on the guest seating chart.


Our round banquet tables seat up to a maximum of 10 adults, however 8 people per table is most comfortable. The bridal table can be adjusted subject to the size of the bridal party, to a maximum of 12 people.

Completing the guest seating chart

You can download a copy of the Guest Seating Chart for your function room below.  It is an excel spreadsheet.  Once you have completed it, it should be emailed to your event coordinator at

To complete this chart, please provide:

  • Guest name & their dietary requirement, if applicable

  • Where a guest is a teen, mark their name  (T), any child to be marked with a (C) and any baby to be marked (B)

  • If a high chair is required, please write “HC” next to the guests name

  • Dietary requirements should be clearly noted next to the guests name

  • The main dietary requirements we cater for are:
    - Vegetarian
    - Vegan
    - Gluten Free
    - Dairy Free
    - Nut allergy

  • Please indicate the parent’s table (BFamily = Bride’s family, GFamily = Groom’s family)

Any seated marked “C” for child will be served the children’s meal. All teens will be served an adult meal. if you have babies attending your event and they are NOT being served a meal, they should be marked with “B”. Our team will set the tables for your event based on this information.

table sample 1.png
  • You can seat up to 10 people per table, but 8 is most comfortable

  • Seat your guests from seat 1 onwards, and leave any unneeded places blank (if you have 9 guests on the table, leave seat 10 blank and we will not place that seat. The chairs are then spread evenly around the table)

  • If you do not need all tables included on the guest seating chart, leave any unneeded ones blank, and they will be removed.  Table number sequence will be adjusted if this is necessary.

  • Not sure?  Give us a ring and we can run through it with you over the phone.

Guest Seating Charts

Cask Room_Rounds_Rustic Tops_Bentwoods.jpg


Maximum of 8 guest tables + bridal table


Country Room

Maximum of 13 guest tables + bridal table

Gledswood with bentwoods 1.jpg

Gledswood Room

Maximum of 44 guest tables + bridal table



Maximum of 3 long

banquet tables + bridal table

if you need any help, give us a call 9606-5111

A few important forms!

Below are some important forms to be filled out in the lead up to your wedding day...  a quick explanation:

  • Site visitor policy - to be filled out by any 3rd party supplier who will be onsite in the set up, pack down & in between of your wedding

  • Credit Card Authorisation - to be filled out to cover any incidentals that may pop up during your wedding

  • Goods Left Onsite - to be filled out by any 3rd party leaving their belongings onsite overnight

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