Gledswood c. 1810



The story of Gledswood Homestead & Winery begins not long after the first fleet landed on the shores of Botany Bay. The property was founded by Count Gabriel de Kerillau who escaped the French Revolution, joined the New South Wales Corps as a private soldier and arrived at Sydney Cove in October 1794.

‘Gledswood’ played a significant role in the establishment and development of the wool and wine industries in Australia. The first owners of ‘Gledswood’ tried to make a living from crops, vegetables and cattle, which were marketed and exchanged for other goods. Five convicts were brought to ‘Gledswood’ to work the farm and construct buildings for the family to live in.

The first building was built on the property c.1810 and that building, now known as the convict lockup, still stands. The beautiful sandstone building has many stories to tell about the long history of the property…


The main homestead was built from 1835 by the second owners of ‘Gledswood’, the Chisholm family, it took generations of the family almost 100 years to construct the Homestead. It was the Chisholm family who built the property up to its grand state including a magnificent ballroom, drawing room and cellar with a capacity for 20,000 bottles. Ornamental trees were imported from overseas to establish the gardens and geraniums were abundant in every colour and variety. ‘Gledswood’ gardens were
known as the best privately owned gardens in Sydney during the late 1880’s.

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